Saturday, 8 December 2012


heyy reader :) my history start when i start fallin' love with a guy called, ERON CONSTANTINE EMBRUS,  how do i fallen with him? hahaha. senang seja. first sight org blg xD 13.05 where i really felt that i do really like him. shuuhhh ~dnt tell him about this :P hahaha ! 18.05.2012, he ask me to be his special one, dia x bw saya kapel :( huahaha. then i agreed ;D 24.05 was our first dated. malu2 kucing ni saya tym tuh. dia nyanyi d sblh saya mcm saya mw ketawaa seja ni. hee. jgn kau mara k eron ;) lucuu bh kau tym tuh. 
00.48 , 24.5 ♥
tym balik sda ni. hahaha. kmi dating sna taman. dkat seja ba. 
i will  never forget this moment ;) im glad to be with you. and happy to be your girlfriend. thnakyou for everythings. and sure now i do really love you. i love so much so much so much. thanks for respecting myself as a women i do really appreciated it. i dont mind what are others think about me atleast they just know my story and didnt live there. dudu knew better :) 

 10 days to goo then we are 7months :) im going to give him tshirt pink tp ada gmbar hello kitty. dia mw pki kaa tu arr? hahaha.